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    The SIHOT.App for mobility by touch.

The target in mind. SIHOT.

SIHOT is a hotel management software solution made by GUBSE AG in Germany. When the system first appeared in 1986 on a UNIX platform, the IT, business and...

We offer all-round solutions.

Beginning with a professional concept to offering organisational advice, providing assistance with set-up of master data  and right up to training and installation...

SIHOT.Interface to Best Western CRS

Where we stand (20th Oct. 2014): The second pilot is live! The first pilot installation went live during the first week of September. Before that, Best Western received...

Forthcoming Events

  • DEHOGA-Industry Day, 11.11.2014, Hotel Maritim Berlin
  • GERMAN HOTEL CONGRESS 2015, 2. und 3. February 2015, Maritim Hotel Berlin


  • Press Release May 2014

    The aim of measures increasing online bookings is to gain new clients through the booking channels and to encourage direct bookings. The hotel management software SIHOT offers an effective solution to optimise the marketing.

  • Press Release Dezember 2013

    Due to the high volume of transactions from reservations to restaurants and bars to check-out, hospitality organisations are a prime target for data compromise. PCI compliance, therefore, is an important means to help protecting your customers‘ data.

  • Press Release June 2013

    Employees at the German software house are offered comprehensive training and education. They also profit from a range of sustainable measures, such as flexible working hours.

  • Press Release May 2013

    The German software house will present its SIHOT Hotel Management Software at HITEC in Minneapolis. The largest hospitality technology conference in the world gathers together over 4,000 hospitality technology decision-makers.

  • Press Release April 2013

    SIHOT.Web can be incorporated into the hotel’s Facebook page. The new approach also prompted its developer GUBSE to overhaul the design of this web booking platform.

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