SIHOT is a hotel management software solution made by GUBSE AG in Germany. When the system first appeared in 1986 on a UNIX platform, the IT, business and hotel specialists at GUBSE had been aiming at an integrated, innovative, user-friendly software solution that could be used to process all operations related to the hospitality industry ranging from youth hostels to 5-star hotels. Based on this intention, the SIHOT software solution quickly established itself as a powerful information and management system ideal for hotel use. SIHOT was one of the first Windows-based products on the market, and has been systematically expanded to create an entire hotel systems product suite.

The Board of Directors consists of Dipl.-Inf. Jörg P. Berger, Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Wernet and Dipl.-Inf. Jochen Conrad. GUBSE currently employs a team of more than 200 employees. Made up of IT-Specialists, qualified IT-Business Managers and experienced Hoteliers, they have created a leading, state-of-the-art Information and Management System to suit the particular needs of the hospitality industry. Today more than 3.500 hotels rely on SIHOT worldwide.

Our experience serves as the basis for the further development which keeps us one step ahead. Our flexibility enables us to provide user-optimized operational and organizational advice, whilst our know-how reduces training periods and simplifies maintenance.


The GUBSE staff is a team of experienced hotel and IT professionals, who assist our customers with a high degree of commitment and flexibility. Teamwork and cooperation, friendly and efficient service as well as constantly keeping in touch with the customer is part of the self-image that we have subscribed to.


Approximately 3500 hotels worldwide are currently working with SIHOT. Our clients include individual hotels of any size (business and resort) as well as hostels. For hotel chains, we offer the SIHOT.MPE or headquarter solutions and central reservations. In many organisations, these are successfully employed in various combinations.


Extensive quality management is part of our company culture and it ensures that our products come with the highest standards. We constantly monitor support statistics and conduct regular client surveys to ensure customer satisfaction. This research also helps us to keep optimising the SIHOT product suite according to the needs of the industry.