GUBSE was established in 1986 under the name of GUB Software-Entwicklung GmbH, aiming to develop innovative hospitality software. Dating back to this time, the philosophy of our company has been to provide hoteliers with a complete and practical information and management system, based on the latest technology available.

By anticipating new trends and requirements of the industry while continuously developing our product within a steadily growing company, GUBSE established itself as a leading provider of software solutions to the hospitality industry. We strive to turn ideas and possibilities into real features as fast as technical progress allows. The development of SIHOT as a browser application is just one example where we’ve taken stability and reliable technology up to the next level.

Our services range from professional and conceptual consultancy to streamlining working procedures as well as the organisation of data structures. Training and installation are conducted by our SIHOT-experts who are happy to share their in-depth knowledge with you.


The GUBSE staff is a team of experienced hotel and IT professionals, who assist our customers with a high degree of commitment and flexibility. Teamwork and cooperation, friendly and efficient service as well as constantly keeping in touch with the customer is part of the self-image that we have subscribed to.


Approximately 3500 hotels worldwide are currently working with SIHOT. Our clients include individual hotels of any size (business and resort) as well as hostels. For hotel chains, we offer the SIHOT.MPE or headquarter solutions and central reservations. In many organisations, these are successfully employed in various combinations.


Extensive quality management is part of our company culture and it ensures that our products come with the highest standards. We constantly monitor support statistics and conduct regular client surveys to ensure customer satisfaction. This research also helps us to keep optimising the SIHOT product suite according to the needs of the industry.


Technical Background

For the programming of SIHOT, we have developed a specially designed technology: SIHOT.Flex. By employing SIHOT.FleX, we have created a modern, web-based application on the foundation of our stable platform.

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SIHOT.FleX provides new levels of functionality. Due to this technology, we were able create excitingly different concepts that have been made available to the user alongside SIHOT’s established standard functions.

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With a highly flexible and dynamic GUI, SIHOT is extremely easy to operate and handle. However, we fully understand that each hotel has its own way of working. While customising has always been a significant aspect in SIHOT, you will find that SIHOT.Flex is opening up even more possibilities in this respect.

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