We started with the development of our hotel software SIHOT in 1986. You haven’t heard of us? Time to get to get to know us! With worldwide clients, offices in Berlin, Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia and Brazil, we employ 200 staff members of 15 different nationalities. Our main office is located in the southwest of Germany, right in the heart of Europe.

Looking for an education, about to start an exciting career or simply looking for a new challenge? With or without a degree – if you’re enthusiastic and committed, we’ve got a job for you!

We’re looking for talent and personality more than for formal qualifications, because that’s how you fit into our company. Find areas and get engaged in projects that suit you best or talk to us regarding individual training and courses.


Being a software house, we rely on a flawless, fast IT environment not only for ourselves but also for our customers. It’s the backbone of our operation – and a lot of responsibility for our System Admins.

If you can help us to run our software and know a thing or two about hardware, do send us your application!


Our project managers look after projects from start to finish, i.e. from receiving a hotel’s new requirement to the actual implementation of the solution at the hotel. As a project manager, you develop solutions together with the client and coordinate the tasks between our in-house teams and the client’s contacts.

Are you comfortable talking to clients and are a real team player? Then you’re the right person for our project team and the exciting challenges that lie ahead.


You’ve worked in hotels? Great, read on!

As a hotel supporter, it’s your job to help the hotel staff to work with SIHOT. We install and configure SIHOT at new clients and we’re are always there to answer any questions. For those willing (and/or happy) to travel, there are plenty of opportunities to train and assist hotel staff all over the world and to look after exciting projects. 


SIHOT is a complex software. Do you enjoy exploring internal processes and infrastructures into detail? Always had a knack for different IT-systems? We’ve got loads of those, from small to large, for example, a client running 140 hotels with 55,000 rooms. It’s the job of our tech support to look after and to maintain such IT-environments.


We don’t just want to sell at all costs. When we’re selling, we lay the foundation for a long and trusting relationship with our clients. Therefore, as a member of our sales team, you’ll work with the client to find the best solutions.

If you know a thing or two about IT-infrastructures and a lot about running a business, you’ve come the right place. Any hotel experience will give you a special advantage in this position.


Because our software covers so many areas, the development department is constantly busy with new tasks. You’ll be working with 50 colleagues in small, agile teams at locations in Germany and Portugal. One of our main challenges is the fact that SIHOT is not only deployed as a standard software but also as a client-specific solution. Also, we maintain a number of different release versions at the same time. In addition, SIHOT must be able to be run in installations around the world, which requires localisation in terms of languages, currencies, registrations and tax systems.


Our Administration Department includes Human Resources, Accounting, and Controlling. Working with international clients and our offices in Spain, Portugal, UK, Australia and Brazil, the positions in this department require good language skills in both German and English.