Jörg P. Berger - Executive Board


Jörg P. Berger, trained as a Banker and completed a degree in Computer Science afterwards. Having gained valuable experience at the Deutsche Telekom, he first came into contact with GUBSE in 1994 while working on the research project “OOVAS” (Object-Oriented Distributed Application Systems) . He became a shareholder of GUBSE when the company’s entity changed in 1996.

Today, he is responsible for Product Development, Project Management as well as Sales & Marketing. He is also a Director of GUBSE’s affiliates SIHOT Asia/Pacific and SIHOT do America and is jointly responsible for the company’s expansion abroad.

Norbert Wernet - Executive Board


Norbert Wernet successfully concluded his studies in Computer Science in 1977. After several years of working in renowned software houses, he joined GSE (Graeber Software Entwicklung) in 1983. When this company newly founded GUBSE in 1986, he was one the first employees to join and obtained ownership rights shortly after. His main responsibilities include Finance, Controlling and Human Resources.

Jochen Conrad - Executive Board


Jochen Conrad’s connection to GUBSE started early in his career, joining the company as a graduate in 1988 while studying Computer Science and later becoming a  member of the Development team. He, too, acquired ownership rights in 1996. His areas of responsibility are Software Development and the company’s internal IT-Department.