Our concept is to provide training to hotel staff by experienced hotel professionals. To start working with SIHOT you do not need a degree in computer science. Management, Front Office and Back Office employees receive comprehensive training on SIHOT by GUBSE’s training personnel, who are themselves fully qualified hoteliers. Questions are welcome and hotel staff new to our product will soon come to realise how much easier their daily chores become with SIHOT, also taking into consideration the hotel’s individual requirements that SIHOT can be adjusted to.

A training hotel is integrated into SIHOT for induction purposes. The training hotel uses current data but does not in any way interfere with the actual running of the hotel. What is easy in itself is also easy to learn. The amount of induction training required for SIHOT is comparatively low. GUBSE project supervisors and trainers are able to carry out system implementations and system changes as well as training in next to no time.