“Know Your Figures”


Do you need your figures fast and in different ways all the time? Do you need to manage projects and keep tabs on budgets? The comprehensive ad hoc reporting tool in SIHOT may be just what you need. Create a listing and breakdown of the figures as and when you need them. With only a few clicks you can call up the required data and establish significant relations by bringing them into the form you need. Create your own analyses, reports and forecasts without effort.


Core Areas

The ad hoc reporting is separated into different core areas:

  • Reservations
  • Forecast
  • Guests
  • Event (SIHOT.C&B)
  • Posted services
  • Yield analysis (pick-up)
  • Sales potential

SIHOT. Ad Hoc calls up the relevant figures for each area over a requested period. Once SIHOT has gathered all the data , you can bring them into the format you want by relating the relevant figures in rows and columns as required.



  • Recall of specific, current data
  • Configurable reports
  • Individual combination of figures