“Optimise Your Booking Channels”


The Channelmanager is a fully automated tool to communicate with OTAs and online booking engines. It sends available rooms and rates in SIHOT in real-time and transmits the data to the booking channels, using a secure and fast connection. Future reservations that are made through the connected channels are directly fed into SIHOT.


Controlled by SIHOT

Using a seamless interface, the channel manager handles the interaction with your internet booking channels by transmitting rates, restrictions and availability and feeding reservations into SIHOT. Depending on the occupancy forecast or on set periods such as exhibition and trade fair times, the system transmits different rates and restrictions. We recommend the use of SIHOT.BAR to offer the hotel’s best available rate in all channels automatically. Other selected packages can be offered alongside the BAR rate.

Configuration of Booking Channels

You decide when and which booking channels are opened or closed. Optimise costs by selecting the most efficient and least expensive channels. The SIHOT.Channelmanager is already connected to a vast number of booking sites, metasearch engines, feedback platforms and tourism sites. New channels are constantly added by request.

Increased Occupancy and Revenue

Constant control of availability figures and the overview over all sales channels helps to improve overall occupancy. Also, the channel manager is able to quickly transmit higher or lower rates in the event that the booking situation changes unexpectedly.


The channel manager saves valuable working time by automating the processing of internet bookings and by offering a fast and efficient way to maintain online rates and availability.

Record Keeping

The archive enables you to track all records sent to the channels, showing when which changes were sent in availability and rates.



  • Constant control of availability
  • Quickly executed rate updates
  • Fully integrated controls
  • Reservations entered in SIHOT automatically