“Your All-Round Customer Relationship Management Package”


SIHOT.CRM contains every tool that is required to build a comprehensive and systematic customer relationship management cycle.


Successful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is based on combining many different factors and working processes in one strategic and long-term concept. The aim of this concept is to provide the highest level of services to customers, thus establishing a profitable and lasting relationship. This will not only encourage direct bookings and reduce commission costs, it will also improve average rates by being able to create better offers. In a holistic approach, the SIHOT product suite provides the necessary software tools to implement your CRM strategy in the daily working processes of your property.

One Database for All

Staff can only become competent contact persons for your customers if they have complete customer profiles and figures at hand at all times. SIHOT provides a client data base that combines the input of all departments in a single software application. Using the same tool improves internal communication and allows a greater extend of automated procedures, saving time and effort from day one.

Client Management in Operation

Fast access to detailed customer information is vital. Shortcuts and intuitive links help users to find information quickly. Guest and company profiles offer every possible form of maintaining and updating client data, making changes, additions and comments immediately available to everyone concerned. Over time, this collection evolves into an invaluable “corporate memory”.

Market Segmentation

Knowing who your customers are and what your guests need is an important step in establishing a successful marketing strategy. The SIHOT database provides all the figures you need to keep track of the different market segments, helping you to determine premium and lower segments, which in turn can have a great influence on your pricing structure. Segment-specific communication is made easy by a number of features, such as the guest correspondence using different layouts and the guest selection for targeted mailing lists.

Address Management

Effective address management is the most important requirement to ensure a successful CRM-strategy. In SIHOT, this is a basic functionality that encompasses all departments. To help maintain healthy records in the database, SIHOT features compulsory fields, input assistance as well as duplicate checks and merge facilities.


Document Management

You can store customer correspondence in either the profile’s trails or in an interfaced document management system, enabling instant on-screen access to letters and e-mails.

Contact Management

Using automated pre- and post-stay mails, you can stay in touch with your guests even before they arrive and after they have left. They are also a great opportunity to offer additional services, thus creating extra revenue. Sales departments are able to record all appointments with and activities in relation to customers and clients. Useful system tools take care of reminders and follow-ups.

Reputation Management

Online evaluations have a high commercial impact and should be used to the advantage of every hotel with an active reputation management policy. This is why we have developed an interface to the Review Express solution by TripAdvisor. Once your guests have checked-out, TripAdvisor will contact them by mail, asking for a review on the TripAdvisor platform. Evaluations and comments published by your guests are transferred back into SIHOT, stored in the respective guest profile and listed in the Feedback-dialog. This also enables you to react to comments and criticism in a timely manner.

Reporting and Analyses

The interpretation of vast amounts of data is not an easy task. SIHOT offers a large number of comprehensive reports, most of which give you many different options to call up data, depending on their intended use. In addition, use the ad hoc reporting-tool to gather your figures as and how you need them.

Campaign Management

Track the success of your marketing campaigns by entering them as a project in SIHOT. Assign detailed targets for each project and monitor the progress to determine further action.

Sales Departmental Procedures

The optional module SIHOT.Sales includes planning and budgeting for occupancy and revenues. The sales figures can be analysed on a regular basis, identifying low periods and where action is required. Sales opportunities and weighted revenues provide an overall picture of expected sales in total and by client.


  • All functions integrated into SIHOT, no third-party product required
  • Complete customer information available  at all times