“Central Solutions for a Global Environment”


Specially developed for central reservations offices, this module covers all requirements of a dedicated reservation channel for hotel chains, franchises and cooperations.


Central Requirements

Central reservation offices have evolved to become “one-stop-shops” not only for individual guests, but also for wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents. Each client requires a unique approach and special handling. SIHOT.CRS supports this approach by providing elaborate functions and powerful information tools designed by industry specialists to increase operational and management control under these particular circumstances.

As an add-on to SIHOT.CM and SIHOT.MPE, SIHOT.CRS does not only provide the same data pool to all properties and the head office, it also allows for the central reservations to act as a booking channel producing its own revenue with commissions and services offered to the properties.

Latest Technology

SIHOT.CRS is ideally used in combination with SIHOT.MPE or SIHOT.CM; however, it is also a suitable stand-alone central reservations system for tourism offices, hotel co-operations and similar organisations.

Immediate Transmission

The availability of up-to-the-minute data is very vital for the central reservations office and the properties alike. SIHOT CRS offers many of tools to ensure that communication between the two is immediate, effective and to the point.


SIHOT.CRS manages even highly complex allotments structures effectively. Shared and fallback allotments are a useful means to ensure maximum capacities for tour operators, ground handlers and travel agents and can be used to top up occupancy rates at the individual hotels.

Workflow Notifier

Standard working procedures can be automated by defining events that lead to a particular action, e.g. if a reservation’s status changes from “waitlist” to “guaranteed”, then SIHOT will be prompted to send an e-mail to the respective client or guest for confirmation.

Central Reservation Services

The central reservations office can offer additional services, such as theatre tickets or airport transfers. Since these services are handled and charged at central reservations, they constitute yet another source of revenue.

Payment Distribution

SIHOT.CRS can provide a collective invoice, i.e. a group invoice for a tour operator including several clients and for any period. This group invoice, in turn, may be transferred to the relevant properties, minus the commissions for tour operator and head office.


In today’s business environment, efficient commission handling is a necessity. SIHOT.CRS offers flexible approaches to commissions, providing a range of tools to master and keep track of even the most complex agreements. Its functions cover a multitude of commonplace options, such as varying forms of billing, while keeping the working procedures simple and concise for central reservations staff.

Central Reservations’ Commission

It is customary in many chains worldwide, to pay a commission for reservations made by the central reservations office. This commission can be charged for all reservations by default and adjusted in individual reservations if necessary.

Maximum Commission Rate

Certain packages may be subject to a specific maximum commission rate. Although this rate will, by default, override any other agreements with the client, it can also be adjusted in individual reservations if required.

Commission Information

A special dialog shows the commission calculation of a reservation in detail. Default values as per company policy and as laid down in the commission agreements are taken over automatically, individual adjustments can be entered anytime. At the touch of a button, the rate forecast shows the hotel’s revenue after deducting the commissions.

Commission Settlement

Commission accounts keep track of a travel agent’s entitlements, assuming that the agent deducts the commission due from the guest’s payment. Alternatively, commissions can be handled manually or they can be calculated automatically with the guest’s invoice. The automated settlement process includes pay-outs to city ledger and paying out commissions due.



  • Chain-wide reservations
  • Offering differentiated products
  • Handling of complex commission agreements
  • Central reservations as a revenue  production centre
  • City ledger management