“The App for Your Guests”


SIHOT.Go! gives your guests access to many practical functions by smartphone or tablet. It is a web application that guests can access using the link in their confirmation or your website. The app does not require installation on the phone.


Reservations, Check-In and Check-Out

SIHOT.Go! offers all advantages of a modern internet reservation platform. Incoming reservations via the app are entered automatically in SIHOT.PMS. Guests can also perform a pre-check-in, providing the necessary data such as address and billing address. They may even choose a room from a list of available rooms in the reserved category. Finally, a digital signature on the screen completes the formalities.

During the stay, guests can call up their guest folio showing the current charges on the account. A pre-check-out can be conducted by the guests who have already settled their bills or who wish to make a credit card payment (payment card interface required).


Service Requests

Before or during their stay, guests can send special requests to the hotel. Whether they need additional pillows or want to book airport transfers – a swipe is all it takes. This feature is set up in the SIHOT master files with anything you may wish to offer to your guests, so this is your chance to shine!


The feedback function in SIHOT.GO! is available right after check-in. This means that guests can tell you what they think while still in-house. Their evaluation is transferred straight into SIHOT.PMS, where you can track the comments received either in the feedback-dialog or in the guest profile. Therefore, there’s a better chance for you to rectifying any shortcomings or thanking them for positive comments.

Post-Stay Features

Business travellers in particular will appreciate how easily they can recall bills of their past stays at your hotel. In addition, guests can now give their feedback, if they haven’t done so during their stay already.

Hotel Description

You can insert a complete description of your property, together with information regarding location and surroundings as well as photographs and illustrations. In addition, you can also describe in detail and provide photos of each room category that can be booked within the app.


  • Customer relationship management by app
  • Reservation platform
  • Useful tools for your guests