“SIHOT Connects”


SIHOT can be interfaced to all standard systems that are available on the market and many others, too. We connect Wi-Fi, energy control programs, yield management, internet reservations, spa management and many other products with SIHOT.


A Step Ahead

SIHOT is designed to be technologically sustainable, offering new opportunities for your business to grow and expand. The SIHOT product suite is state-of-the-art, highly developed software for running any type of properties within the hospitality industry. As such, it offers specifically programmed, standardised interfaces to connect third party systems with SIHOT. Providers of such third party solutions may request a certification, which is your assurance that the transfer of data is working correctly.

SIHOT presently incorporates 600 different interfaces. Furthermore, SIHOT fully supports the exchange of hotel-specific data with reservation systems and booking engines with an OTA/HTNG standard interface.