“The SIHOT.App for Mobility”


This app enables housekeeping, maintenance and F&B staff to carry out a number of functions on the smartphone or tablet, keeping them completely up-to-date with actual data while staying on the move. Paperless and always up to date with SIHOT.PMS, SIHOT.Mobile ensures that your staff is well informed at all times.



Using smartphones in housekeeping becomes ever more popular. For good reason: they replace scruffy lists and eliminate complicated telephone procedures. Instead, they are little multi-talents that provide up-to-date data at all times. They show which rooms have just been vacated and allow room status changes at the touch of a button. A dashboard provides an overview of the current room situation and how many arrivals and departures are still due on the day.


The maintenance department profits in a similar way from SIHOT.Mobile: the time consuming writing, filing and distribution of maintenance requests is a thing of the past. Maintenance orders are recorded via smartphone and called up by the engineer responsible straight away. The maintenance request includes not only a complete description, it also provides photographs wherever necessary. Maintenance staff can now schedule their tasks much more efficiently and bring along the proper tools and materials required for the job. Having completed the job, a simple “OK” on the smartphone tells housekeeping that the room is back on track. At the same, this information is also available for reception staff in SIHOT.PMS.

Lost and Found

SIHOT.Mobile contains a complete list of lost and found items. Anything left behind can be entered in SIHOT.Mobile and can also be called up immediately in SIHOT.PMS, in case guests are already looking for their property.

Phone Directory

A phone directory with a selection of important telephone numbers is included in SIHOT.Mobile.

Breakfast App

The so-called breakfast app has been developed for restaurant staff using either a tablet or smartphone. It shows clearly which guests are entitled for breakfast according to their mealplan and which guests have booked rates not including breakfast. If required, breakfast can be charged to the room account straight away.


Guest Accounts

SIHOT.Mobile offers different account features: you can check the balance and charges on a guest or client account and also post selected services to either account.

Meal Plan Overview

The mealplan overview shows how many guests have already consumed their meals and how many are still to come, making it easier to plan breaks and staffing in general.


  • Easy, streamlined menus and functions
  • Direct access and immediate data transfer  to SIHOT.PMS
  • Mobile application for smartphone and tablet