“Reliable Performance Every Day”


SIHOT.PMS is your basic hotel management software package. It combines all front office and reservation tasks, housekeeping functions and night audit in one highly flexible and dynamic GUI. A host of practical extra functions help your staff to carry out their duties smoothly and efficiently. A word processor and spreadsheet are also included in SIHOT, cancelling the need for expensive licence fees.



Everything You Need and More

SIHOT goes a lot further than just providing functions such as check-in, check-out and reservations. SIHOT guides the user through each task and offers logical links to related functions at any stage of the program. Wherever possible, automations take over and reduce manual input and checking procedures, leaving staff free to carry out more important duties.

Handles with Ease

The functions in SIHOT are organised in clearly structured menus and in straightforward dialogs. Dedicated GUIs ensure that staff members in different departments are presented with menus, features and data that are relevant to their jobs. In addition, tooltips and the interlinking of functions also make for faster, more efficient work. Strategically placed safety queries help avoid mistakes and can be enabled or disabled depending on the user’s level of experience. SIHOT manages even the most complex rate structures and packages. Manual recalculations and readjustments are not required as the right prices are displayed and communicated from the beginning.

Feature Highlights

You’ll find a host of practical features when working with SIHOT. For example, the Control Center is a specially designed dialog for the Front Desk staff. It combines all common day-to-day tasks in one layout. Easy and quick access to arrivals, departures, in-house guests and their accounts as well as an overview of the day’s room movements significantly facilitate a Receptionist’s job. The Room Rack is another key element for Front Office operations. It offers links to many other functions, including reservation, guest profile, check-in, room status, etc.

Wizards are ideal to guide new employees through complete procedures, such as taking a reservation. They ensure that no detail is forgotten and that the hotel’s standards and policies are adhered to at all times. For group check-ins, a special dialog eases the workload. It not only speeds up the process, but it also offers a number of very useful functions that can be required in this situation.


Housekeeping and Maintenance

SIHOT.PMS not only provides Housekeeping with the usual reports and listings, it also contains many extra functions, such as the room status dialog, a detailed logging of the room status, handling of lost & found items, etc. A specially developed dashboard, which shows how many arrivals, departures and stayovers are expected, is a great help for planning duty rotas and ensuring accurate staffing levels. The maintenance report is designed to facilitate the communication between the housekeeping and maintenance departments. When using SIHOT.Mobile, this report has even more convenient features to offer.

GM’s Report

The most important figures are delivered every morning in a clear and concise format. The GM’s report is highly valued among our clients as the tried and tested format is based on many years of experience.



Up-to-date, detailed forecasts help with the business planning. There are many different parameters to choose from, so you can call up exactly the figures you need. The “Forecast definitive and tentative”, for example, shows the booking situation divided into different market segments. The “Forecast packages” on the other hand, produces an overview across the expected revenues in the near future.

Budget Planning

In order to reach your business targets, a systematic approach to budgeting is vital. SIHOT.PMS stores your budget figures for revenue accounts, sold rooms, occupied beds, etc. and compares these with actual figures. A number of reports are available at any time to keep track of your performance.


SIHOT includes more than 80 standard reports, many of which can be called up with different parameters and options. The “Revenue report”, for example, can show accommodation, number of guests or rooms and relate the figures in various combinations. The “TOP report” is another popular analyses with a host of different selection criteria. It examines the performance of your top customers in any way you want to look at it. The standard reports can be amended or extended upon request. The optional module SIHOT.Ad hoc offers even more business intelligence by way of custom made reports.


City Ledger

SIHOT.PMS includes a full city ledger management system. Important reports are available anytime, while all data is collected during the night audit and handed over to accounts. Outstanding invoices are taken over directly upon check-out. Credit card payments are debited to the respective credit card company. Accounts receivable can be cancelled from the books partially or completely. As each step is recorded and listed in the protocol, they can be easily traced afterwards by means of various reports.

You can individually define the timing for reminders – per account receivable, per individual invoice and for all invoices due. Automatically, SIHOT will check and list the reminders due and send them out in accordance with hotel policy in your corporate design.


  • Developed by industry experts
  • Dynamic, easy-to-use user interface design
  • Automated procedures and error prevention
  • Reservations, Front Office, Housekeeping,  Reporting and City Ledger
  • Standard functions and more
  • Expand with additional modules as required