“Your Complete Solution – Rented”


Save resources by transferring your IT-infrastructure to dedicated specialists. Run SIHOT via the internet with our “Software as a Service” solution. SaaS requires no more than a PC with internet access, using the SIHOT software that we provide in a datacentre. If you are travelling, you can still access SIHOT simply by laptop or tablet, to call up the information you need.



A hotel-owned IT-infrastructure requires considerable financial and human resources. SIHOT.Saas relieves the pressures of both: you receive a completely integrated and economic system without having to invest in hardware and software licenses. You will be running SIHOT safely and reliably via internet. Expensive hardware and system maintenance are therefore no longer a cost factor. As a SIHOT.SaaS customer, you‘ll always be using the latest published software version.


Business Benefits

Innovative software solutions require an appropriate IT-environment of high standards. This means not only a high cost of entry and a high total cost of ownership, but also inflated operating cost and salaries for qualified IT-staff to maintain this high-level infrastructure. Constant access to the network and to the data stored here is vital for the success of a hotel.Considerable strain is taken off the hotel operation by running SIHOT in powerful data centres. Day-to-day tasks that are normally the responsibility of an on-site system administrator are taken over by the data centre.

Typical tasks include support, technical maintenance and preventive measures. As these are all part of the all-round package delivered with SIHOT.SaaS, freeing otherwise locked up capital for the operation. The data centre offers scalable applications for the individual requirements of each customer. They employ highly skilled staff to ensure that the software infrastructure fulfils the established industry standards. In addition, the environment is constantly monitored and attended to by specialised SIHOT.Technicians.

The SaaS-Solution by SIHOT

Cloud computing is a modern, low-cost way to use SIHOT. The purchase of a license is not necessary. The monthly fee covers software, infrastructure and operations. In a hosted SIHOT installation, GUBSE is in charge of supplying all equipment and ensuring a high availability of the application. In addition, you can use a variety of interfaces such as SIHOT.WEB or the SIHOT.Channelmanager.


A SIHOT.SaaS contract includes the following services to be provided by the data centre:

  • Your sensitive data is stored on server systems in  Germany, therefore complying with the high standard of data security required by law
  • Management of the SIHOT IT infrastructure
  • Planning of capacities
  • Provision of processing power as per  client requirement
  • Daily backups
  • Data security by data isolation
  • Disaster recovery provisions
  • Server-availability starting from 98.5 %
  • Server protection by multi-tiered firewalls and up-to-date anti-virus software
  • Provision of a secure connection
  • Maintenance and Hotfix installation
  • Professional handling of support incidents
  • Alerting and reporting
  • Call centre support

A Safe Solution

The sensitive data is stored in a German server system. Therefore, they are subject to the stringent and extensive German laws regarding data protections and you remain the sole proprietor of your data. An archived copy of your database is provided every three years to comply financial laws.

SIHOT.SaaS grows with your operation: you can easily add additional modules of the SIHOT.Product Suite to an existing installation whenever you choose. Also, a SaaS-installation can migrate into a local installation at any time without any loss of data.

Transparent Pricing

SIHOT does not come with any hidden costs. You simply pay a fee per month for the usage of the server and a one-time fee for the installation of a  user. The basic package already includes everything  you need to manage your property efficiently.

  • Use of the latest SIHOT version
  • Standard word processor included
  • Mobile accessibility on iPad
  • Customised pre-configured categories,  services and packages
  • Standard analyses and reporting
  • Standard confirmation
  • Standard billing layout
  • Maintenance incl. hotline
  • An archived copy of the database every three years free of charge


  • Reduced hardware investment and  operating cost
  • Cost efficient and transparent charges:  pay only for what you use
  • Convenient short term contract with  automatic renewal
  • Rapid implementation of SIHOT
  • High data security
  • Guaranteed availability