“Your Own B2C Online Booking Engine”


SIHOT.Web is the online booking platform for your hotel. Directly connected to SIHOT, availability and bookings are instantaneously updated.


Click, Steady, Go!

To access the reservation platform it only takes a click on the link in your homepage. In addition, SIHOT.Web can be fully integrated into the hotel‘s Facebook page. In both cases, SIHOT.Web generates bookings that are 100% commission-free and feeds them directly into the PMS. The application is interfaced with SIHOT and able to display actual availability of rates and room categories, retaining full control of price integrity.


Individual Design

A web-developer can completely integrate the design of the booking pages into your corporate design. The programming is based on the latest technology available for web design and development.

Responsive Design

The booking page automatically adjusts to best suit the screens on computer, tablet or smartphone.

Entering a Reservation

Guests are led intuitively through the individual steps of the reservation. The so called one-page-booking format continuously updates the data according to the information entered by the guest. Guests who are already registered users of your booking page can proceed with their reservations without having to enter their personal details again. Registered companies are given access via company account, which immediately shows any applicable corporate rates. First-time bookers will enter their details during the second step.

Non-guaranteed bookings are possible, depending on your terms of business and on the package selected. Guaranteed bookings are secured by credit card. The direct processing of online payments provides further selling opportunities, such as discount for bookings that are paid for immediately and are non-refundable and higher rates for guests who wish to remain flexible in their planning. We recommend a credit card interface offering your guests the opportunity to use either Saferpay (including bank transfer via PayPal etc.) or a fully-integrated credit card payment system.

Before the guest finalises the booking, there are many opportunities to offer and sell additional services. Depending on the package the guest has already chosen, you can offer a special selection of services that may be of interest for this guest. For example, offer breakfast for room only packages or spa treatments for guests on a weekend break. A booking confirmation in your corporate design completes the online reservation process for the guest.

Data Transfer

SIHOT.Web obtains current rates and availability directly from SIHOT.PMS and transfers any incoming reservations (including waitlist-reservations) straight into the hotel’s database. Therefore, the rates made available for internet bookings are controlled by the front office system. There is no need for double system maintenance or cumbersome manual input of allotments.

Promo Voucher

This feature creates codes that your guests can enter during the reservation process, entitling them to a discount. The code may be for a set amount or for a certain percentage to be taken off the room rate.

Statistics and Analyses

SIHOT.Web offers a variety of reports and statistics, available for any period of time. Number of hits (timed), details of reservations and revenues will point out how successful your internet booking platform has become.


Thanks to the process of secure access and coding on a basis of SSL codes, all concerns regarding security have been eliminated.

Google Analytics

By using Google Analytics, you can easily measure the performance of SIHOT.Web. This tool provides valuable insights into the behaviour of visitors to the webpages, so you can improve your site to convert more visitors.


  • Individual designs
  • Offers different rate packages and  additional services
  • No reservation fees and no commission charges
  • Indicates booking results