“The Right Price at the Right Time for the Right Guest!”


Our revenue management system is a completely integrated tool for implementing yield strategies and optimising revenue. Highly adaptable, change and fine-tune your rates as and when required.


SIHOT.Yield is the ideal solution to help you optimise revenue with a systematic approach that is customised to suit needs of your particular property. Fully integrated into SIHOT.PMS, the calculations are always based on up-to-date data and require little, if any, manual input. Detailed figures and graphs give you in-depth knowledge of booking behaviour patterns.

Setting Targets

Enter the budgets relevant to your operation and assign expected targets. This will allow you to track the performance of individual market segments month by month.

Booking Patterns

SIHOT.Yield analyses the booking behaviour based on a variety of different parameters. Complex algorithms calculate projected occupancy levels using data collected from the past. SIHOT.Yield provides the following figures to form the basis for your revenue decisions:

  • Occupancy in form of unconstraint  and constraint demand
  • CTA and MLOS recommendations
  • Rate hurdle

Minimum Rates

The lowest rate to be offered on any given day is determined by the rate hurdle. SIHOT.Yield automatically closes all yieldable rates that are below this minimum rate. The rate information immediately reflects the situation, ensuring that no rates below the minimum are offered.

Best Available Rate

BAR rates are an integral part of SIHOT.Yield. Based on the yield calculations, SIHOT suggests the most suitable rate levels for each day. You can use the planning status to check and adjust the rates as you see fit before transferring them into the live system.


Analysing Data

SIHOT.Yield offers an extensive data analysis. Do you want to control your market segment mix and budgets? Whether RevPAR, ARR, forecast on the books, yield system forecast or other indicators – all figures and ratios are available in graphical analyses. The forecast analysis, for example, provides a well-founded outlook on the expected occupancy and the analysis of the past reservation development illustrates the booking behaviour of your clients. In addition, SIHOT.Yield provides a comparison of seasonal information from year to year. In MPE-installations, you can also easily compare individual properties within the chain or co-operation.


  • Fully integrated Revenue Management System
  • Revenue optimisation following substantiated  rate suggestions
  • Flexible rate strategies as required
  • Comprehensive analysis of booking patterns
  • SIHOT.BAR included