For the programming of SIHOT, we have developed a specially designed technology: SIHOT.Flex.

By employing SIHOT.FleX, we have created a modern, web-based application on the foundation of our stable platform. You can run SIHOT on the hotel’s own server or, alternatively, use the internet to access a database that is stored in a data centre outside the property. SIHOT can be accessed on any computer or portable device with an internet browser.

The system’s data is updated universally and immediately. If you change or add a detail at any stage, this is directly updated throughout the application, including all other work stations. SIHOT is constantly being developed further. Easily installed live-updates are provided to ensure that you are working with the latest published version of SIHOT.


SIHOT.FleX provides new levels of functionality. Due to this technology, we were able create excitingly different concepts that have been made available to the user alongside SIHOT’s established standard functions. This includes, for example, a host of graphic analyses and dashboards to give a clear and concise overview of the current figures, statistics and sales. The guest app SIHOT.Go! was also made possible by programming with SIHOT.FleX.


With a highly flexible and dynamic GUI, SIHOT is extremely easy to operate and handle. However, we fully understand that each hotel has its own way of working. While customising has always been a significant aspect in SIHOT, you will find that SIHOT.Flex is opening up even more possibilities in this respect. So, no matter which type of business model you pursue and what procedures are important to your operation – we can make adaptations to provide a solution that suits your needs. An example of this includes dedicated and specialised GUIs that are purpose-built to ensure that staff are working with the data relevant to their job at all times.


On top of the basic module SIHOT.PMS, select any of the additional modules as required. SIHOT also offers specific functions, such as:

  • Multi-Complex
  • Multi-Currency
  • Cost Centre (EAP integrations)
  • SMS
  • Call Accounting
  • International Accounting